Corporate Matched Funding

Matched Gifts

In November 2013 Committee members attended a PTA-UK workshop during which we were given details of a number of efficient fundraising schemes that could benefit our group’s efforts and therefore the pupils, staff and families of the School – without costing any of us a penny!   Some we have introduced already – such as Easyfundraising and Original Giving – but there are a number of other avenues to explore including Corporate Matched Giving and this is where we need to ask for YOUR HELP….

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Here are 3 questions for you.

Question 1: Does your employer operate a Corporate Matched Giving policy?

Question 2: If you don’t know, would you be prepared to ask them?  Your HR or Personnel Manager is usually a good person to ask.

Question 3: Is your employer shown on this list?  This is a Matched Giving – List of participating Companies that are known to have operated such a policy in the past and are likely to do so now.

How could Matched Giving benefit FDPS & Ditcham Park School?

Matched giving / funding is a simple way of maximising your fundraising efforts for the School.  It is an arrangement between a company and its employee.  Many companies will pledge a sum of money relating to the amount their employee has raised for, or donated to, the charity of their choice.

Some will match £ for £, others may match with time, others a combination of both.  It could be they will offer a service such as the opportunity to print posters, programmes, newsletters etc.

Which organisations will support FDPS in this way?

There isn’t a definitive list, but it is usually large organisations, such as those on the Matched Giving – List of participating Companies.  However, matched funding can be operated by any company – whatever the size.

Examples of matched funding.

Barclays offer employees the chance to match funds they raise for their chosen charity up to £750 per year (available for 3 activities a year).

Lloyds Bank Foundations operate matched giving and is open to all Lloyds Banking Group staff in the UK or Channel Islands, including Group subsidiaries. Staff can claim £1000 for charities of their choice. Up to £500 can be claimed for fundraising events as well as up to £500 for voluntary time given – provided that claims falls within the rules of the scheme and the charity is eligible for funding.

Please check the list – it isn’t just banks that take part.  PTA-UK gave us details of a PTA Committee Member from a school in Fetcham who took advantage of her employer’s Volunteer Involvement Programme for employees (ExxonMobil).  For every 20 hours of volunteering she undertook, her employer matched her time with a donation of £250 to the school!  And this could be claimed up to 4 times per year!


So, what to do next?

First – could we ask you to check the Matched Giving – List of participating Companies, or ask your employer directly if the operate a Matched Giving / Funding scheme.

They will then probably ask you to complete a request form; alternatively they may put their pledge in writing to the FDPS.

Please let FDPS know if you are successful, either by using the contact form, or by chatting to one of the Committee Members when you see them next.  Alternatively drop us an email at [email protected]

Good Luck!